There Once Was a Crocodile : When Dragons Take to Water

Herd animals can be taken by the crocodile at the watering hole …

Watching for a Crocodile
Wary at the Watering Hole

You’ve seen it before ; the African nature program showing herd animals coming to drink at a water hole .  The young ones especially  trot right down to the water.  The older animals often approach more warily . The next thing you know , a crocodile has one by the neck , aided by concealment in stained , muddy water .  Actually , something like this happens in church too often these days !  I’ve stepped in this !  For the church is our watering hole ,  and false doctrine is muddying the waters . Not Holy Spirit water ; but the water of the Word !   The kind of crocodiles I’m talking about – demons – love this particular kind of  set – up !

ADDENDUM 9/17/17

I have stirred things up .  Since publishing this post , the attacks of the enemy have increased . In a word , the warfare has been vicious . It looks like crocodile does not like being exposed and poked in the eye !  More prayer . More armor . More angels . Praise God . Please pray for me . Thanks .

I was in the jaws of the crocodile ; vulnerable to attack due to double – mindedness , a spirit of offense , a religious tradition rather than Truth , and lack of proper diligence in the Word .  Attacked by an enemy who works long to develop leverage to get a Saint to undo himself .  Giving that kind of power to the enemy allowed him to drag me under to the event horizon of damnation , where I stayed submerged minus the Spirit for four months of horror before resurfacing .  I had left God barely enough room to restore me .  Otherwise , I would be lost again forever .  It didn’t help that I had not recognized how stained the water was in my doctrine .  The enemy loves to muddy the waters !  What water is this ?  Let’s look at Eph 5:25 – 26 .

25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,


Also John 15 : 3


Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.


And John 17:17


17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.


Washed by The Word as though by water !


It’s best when the water of The Word is clear and pure , just as God gave it !  But the false , muddy , doctrine of Once Saved , Always Saved  ( OSAS )  is rampant in much of the church , released by a crafty enemy and aided by those who will not endure sound doctrine .  Or by those willing to be told what to believe without doing due diligence as a good Berean !  Or by those who prefer a private interpretation of scripture to suit their own emotions !  Be sure , that old crocodile , satan , is watching for any such opportunity !  For an ambush predator is an opportunist !  And the crocodile does his best work in muddy water !  Especially  at night , and the times are DARK !  That kind of doctrine can lead to some dangerous places for vulnerable Saints !  Places like  this right here !


satan is like a crocodile swimming in muddy doctrine
Watching for an Opportunity

How Do We Remove Muddiness From the Water Consumed by the Church ?

We do this in the Soteriology debate by promoting a circumspect view of hamartiology / sin typology that balances the whole counsel of God to distinguish between sin not unto death vs. sin unto death .  This requires intellectual honesty ;  a willingness to sincerely examine in detail BOTH sides of an issue without bias .  I examined one side of this issue by being a lousy Berean with a religious tradition .  I examined the OTHER side of this issue by almost going to hell .  Now , OSAS rationales strike me as light and shallow in the sin typology – hamartiology arena .  Irrelevant , in fact .  See this post  for detail on sin unto death .

Muddy Water Conceals a Crocodile
A Bit More Mud , Please

Un – staining the water in our churches is tantamount to shining a light on the battle field bright enough to burn away the fog of war .  The enemy can now be stripped naked before the Saint of God . Thus equipped ,  the Saint will find it almost impossible to go to hell unless he decides he wants to go there !   The ability of the enemy to attack thus will be severely encumbered !

Crocodile needs Wings to be Dragon
Give Me Wings , For I am a Dragon at Heart !


And How Can We Properly Readjust OSAS Mantras for the Deceived ?

We can adjust scope and view of scripture ; some do not see the forest for the trees !
John 10: 27 – 30  in no way guarantees salvation ; this passage is but an ideal of the most desirable sheep typology in the spirit of Deut 5: 29.  This passage does not even mention the existence of sin ! We must compare the unwillful sin of Romans 7  with the willful  ( continuum of defiance )  sin of Hebrews 10 !  Also sin not unto death vs. sin unto death in 1 John 5:16  !
1 John 1 : 9  is great for sin not unto death or for unwillful sin .  But what does Christ use to cleanse us ?   His Blood !  No further cleansing is possible for one who profanes The Blood from the heart ; he loses access to The Blood !  Presumptuous sin reproaching the Lord (  Num 15: 30 )  certainly counts for one who profanes The Blood !  The seal of the Spirit cannot function without The Blood !
Rom 8:38 – 39 is wonderful , but deals only with things that God created . Nor any other creature / created thing ; Greek  ktisis .  Just one little technicality ; God does NOT create SIN !
John 6: 37 – 40 ; 44  is a lovely reassurance that Jesus is more faithful than any man , as are the several scriptures above .  But free human will can depart from Christ !  We are not robots , else we are not responsible for sin !
Believing , receiving , and abiding to the exclusion of killing sin are all necessary with respect to Christ !
Crocodile attack in muddy water
What Crocodiles Will do if You Play into Their Jaws !

Please see various posts on this blog for more details !  And fortify others !  No reason for a spirit of fear or condemnation .  No salvation by works ; just reasonable loving maintenance of the goodly gift that God gave you , like Adam was given responsibility in Gen 2:15 ;  your salvation process complete in spirit ,  still being completed in soul and yet to be completed in body . So, abide remaining in His Love ( John 15:1-10 ). Make your calling and election sure ( 2 Pet 1:10 ) .  And keep the doctrine ( 1 Tim 4: 16 ) , for in doing so you will save yourself as Paul told Timothy !  You need not lift a finger to do this .  Not by works !  But rather use your mind and heart to overcome the potential  for killing sin unto death !   Deny that SIN , not Christ !

Maranatha !