Explicit Dynamics of Unforgivable Sin

Unforgivable sin is possible for ANY human .  I almost went to hell .  No joke !  I barely left God enough room to restore me .  After God taught me a LARGE lesson  , He took me to school in writing this blog .   There remains a responsibility to share things learned so others may benefit .  Being fortified , let us fortify others .  God deserves to keep ALL of His kids !  How can we characterize the dynamics of unforgivable sin ?   What is the essence of this kind of sin , and why can’t God do anything with it but to judge it ?  We need to look at things from His point of view as best we can , for He cannot deny Himself , and there are two sides to THAT coin !

God can only judge unforgivable sin
When Judgment is the Only Option

God hates  issuing judgment that sends souls made in His Beautiful Image into eternal fire .  But , sin that creates just this kind of impasse with God is possible for both saints and the lost , and even for angels !  For humans there are two general types  of sin !  And the devil does NOT want people knowing about  THAT !

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