Demonstrating Devotional Dynamite : Elevate Your Praise

Elevate your praise
I adore you, Lord !

Praise is so important to our walk . The Spirit inhabits the praises of His people .  And if we walk in the Spirit , we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh .  All the more important for the embattled Saint .

Can we praise Jesus too much ?  Nah . Not in a million years …

Jesus :


King of Kings

Lord of Lords

Champion of Champions

Hero of Heroes

King of Lords

Lord of Champions

Champion of Heroes

Hero of Kings

King of Champions

Champion of Lords

Lord of Heroes

Hero of Champions

Champion of Kings

King of Heroes

Hero of Lords

Lord of Kings


A little much ?  Nah . Not at all !

If you’re a champion and you need a Lord, Jesus is the one .

If you’re a hero and you need a King, Jesus is the one .

If you are a king and you need a Champion, Jesus is the one .

If you are a lord and you need a Hero, Jesus is the one .


You get the picture !

Kings, Lords, Champions, Heroes .  Jesus is over them all .