Satanic Deception on the Allegory of the Vine and Branches

There is an OSAS  ( Once Saved , Always Saved )  rendering of the allegory of the Vine and the branches that could just as easily come straight from the serpent’s mouth .  Lie begets lie !

The Vine and the Branches
The Vine and the Branches

What kind of Satanic poison can we find in this false rendering when we shine the Word of God through it ?  Are there any inclusions in this devilish gem ! ?  You better believe it !!!

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Scalper’s Tickets on the 16:25 Connection to Hell

The enemy is like a scalper .  He wants to sell you a bogus ticket .  Nice people by the millions are unaware they are holding a ticket to hell .  They bet their souls !   And millions in hell believe in Jesus. How does this tragedy happen ?  How do we avoid this ?  For it is possible to believe in Jesus and yet present God with a little technicality that makes a major impasse with Him .

Nice People in Hell
Falling for a Lie

We are preyed upon by an invisible and insidious enemy who has nothing to lose .  One who has numerous minions who can introduce thought and emotion directly to humans .  And demons love destroying us by employing what I call …

Tickets to Hell by the 16:25 Connection

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There Once Was a Crocodile : When Dragons Take to Water

Herd animals can be taken by the crocodile at the watering hole …

Watching for a Crocodile
Wary at the Watering Hole

You’ve seen it before ; the African nature program showing herd animals coming to drink at a water hole .  The young ones especially  trot right down to the water.  The older animals often approach more warily . The next thing you know , a crocodile has one by the neck , aided by concealment in stained , muddy water .  Actually , something like this happens in church too often these days !  I’ve stepped in this !  For the church is our watering hole ,  and false doctrine is muddying the waters . Not Holy Spirit water ; but the water of the Word !   The kind of crocodiles I’m talking about – demons – love this particular kind of  set – up !

ADDENDUM 9/17/17

I have stirred things up .  Since publishing this post , the attacks of the enemy have increased . In a word , the warfare has been vicious . It looks like crocodile does not like being exposed and poked in the eye !  More prayer . More armor . More angels . Praise God . Please pray for me . Thanks .

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When Satan Comes to You with O.S.A.S.

Satan quotes some scripture , too .

Satan Promotes OSAS Deception
When Satan Deals the Word

The perilous times we live in include the peril of satanic attack via the misuse of the Word of God . The selective , short – sampling of scripture can defeat proper circumspection and proper balance of the whole counsel of God .  Satan uses this type of attack to contribute vastly to the Great Falling Away .  Earlier this week , I was at church , and Pastor was preaching straightness from Matthew  4 . And Holy Spirit was surfing on the message right then, more than Pastor knew at the time … Continue reading “When Satan Comes to You with O.S.A.S.”


OSAS Train Wreck on a Popular Rapture Website

The OSAS Train Wreck
The OSAS Train Wreck

Recently, there have been a couple posts at a popular rapture website that show the degree of OSAS blindness and deafness to the circumspect, balanced view of the word . This is a doctrinal train wreck that imperils vulnerable saints .  My comments are highlighted in  brackets .  God, please shield and protect my vulnerable brothers and sisters from the evil one in Jesus’ name I pray …  for the devil certainly does not fight fair .

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Esau in Hebrews Refutes Infinite Grace

Esau failed grace for a bowl of pottage

There is a passage in Hebrews 12  that Christians can consider to see more clearly the resolution of the hyper grace notion of infinite grace .  Is it not curious that God would bring old – covenant failure Esau , who never had the Blood , into the new testament for our edification ?

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Comfort : The Perfect Bait for the OSAS Trap

Heavenly Comfort
Heavenly Comfort

How do you take your comfort ?  Stirred , Shaken , Straight , or  Slanted ?  I like mine straight or stirred .  I don’t care for slanted .  I might take a tumble , then I would be shaken !   Jesus went back up to heaven so that He could send us the Comforter .  The Holy Spirit living in us .

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