Unforgiveness and Blaspheming the Holy Spirit Beyond the Grave

Those who Blaspheme the Holy Spirit
Those who Blaspheme the Holy Spirit

I crossed the line with God, with one foot only .  I learned things in that place .  This vessel marred upon the Potter’s wheel , now re – formed to another purpose .  I know how the enemy destroys the salvation of the Christian .  And the Holy Spirit is still talking .  Brothers and Sisters , let’s have a little fire – side chat .  I would like to get more detailed about exactly what the sin of willing , overt , unrepentant unforgiveness will do to a christian if carried beyond the grave .  But remember, God certainly knows the faithfully struggling saint , struggling in good faith to obey against inhuman things they have suffered, making faithful progress ,  without being super human themselves . He is not out to ” get us .”

Addendum :  I pulled this post down for a couple days because I was hearing from the Lord .  I believe that He wants to be sure to emphasize that He does NOT want to lay a spirit of fear or of condemnation on ANY saint .  The precise reason why we have His warnings and admonitions in the Word is because He delights in us and is very unwilling that ANY should perish .  So, if there is some sweet, sensitive Saint out there who is agonizing over whether they forgave some trifling little thing 30 years ago, let’s pray the following :  Father, I come before You in Jesus’ Name . I cannot remember all the times I have hurt others or been hurt by them . But right now, in Jesus’ Name , I categorically and specifically release and forgive any and all who have ever hurt , wronged, offended, embarrased or humiliated me .  I pray that those needing it would find Your salvation, and ask that you draw them with cords of love , for you have loved us with an everlasting love .  Give them Your Goodness to lead them to repentance, that they may know and love You forever .  In Jesus’ name I pray,  Amen.

Saints, He loves us more than we know . Please see this post on His Divine Fast for us .  God is patient and full of loving kindness . He knows we are but dust . He knows our human frailties . And that we need time to work through being able to forgive .  But let us be WILLING to forgive, for none of us was ever wronged like Jesus was wronged on the cross !  God, please give us YOUR strength and Virtue to forgive as You do, in Jesus’ name we pray !  Amen .  For none of us knows when we will leave this earth !

A couple weeks ago, I posted about  Losing Salvation by Deadly Unforgiveness .  After hearing from the Lord –  Who is most concerned about this –  I also posted  Willful Unforgiveness: Rapture Killer for Some  , about how Christians holding unforgiveness in refusal to repent will be left on earth at the rapture as an expression of the severe mercy of God .  God conveyed that to me on April 4th, 2016 while driving home from work .  The following day , April 5th , the Holy Spirit moved upon me at work right in our control room .  He gave me to understand the details of why salvation is destroyed for the Christian who carries frank , blatant , overt, unforgiveness beyond the grave .

Christians Taking Willful Unforgiveness Beyond the Grave Blaspheme the Holy Spirit into Eternity , Losing Salvation .

In previous posts above , we have looked at scriptures that reveal that God does not forgive the Christian who himself refuses to forgive .  Scriptures like  Matt 18 : 21 – 35 ,  Matt 6 : 12 , Mark 11 : 25 , Luke 6 : 37 – 38 .  We have also discussed how the Christian who will not forgive makes himself to be higher than God .  Perfect, Holy God was tortured to death on the cross and said ” Father, forgive them .”  The unforgiving Christian puts Jesus down in elevating himself . Evidently , it is more of an affront for THAT christian to be wronged than God !  If God were to forgive him anyway,  it would validate this lie .  And God does not lie .

So, if this christian does not repent and forgive before dying , sealing his testimony ,  here is what happens to destroy his salvation :  In making himself to be higher than God, He puts Christ down .  Part of Christ is His Blood . This christian makes the Blood of Christ to be lower than his own .  Lower than the blood of a sinner !  Now this christian is in transgression of  Hebrews 10 : 26 – 31 .  Counting the Blood of Christ to be common or base .  By willful,  presumptuous, unrepentant  unforgiveness .  Ruining the Blood for himself and doing spite to the Spirit of Grace .  Depreciating  the Blood in effect , and by extension , what the Blood bought for him !  That being the agency of the indwelling Holy Spirit !  All while refusing to forgive .  Too good to forgive ; better than God, evidently  !  Now, this christian has destroyed for himself the Blood of Christ , who will NOT be crucified a second time for him , Heb 6 : 4 – 8 .  The Blood being destroyed for this one , now he loses the Seal of the Spirit .  The Seal having nothing to adhere to in this individual, now  that the Blood no longer functions for this one .  He is lost again and beyond the mortal flesh , irredeemable. Unforgivable .  He might even have a cross on his tombstone ,  but he is in hell .  Willful , frank , blatant , overt , presumptuous , unrepentant , fuming ,  flagrant unforgiveness never makes it through the door of heaven in someone who actually did stay saved !  Those ultimately saved carry no such thing in heart !

Brothers and Sisters , let us all forgive  .  I will not sit in hell even one day for the likes of someone who does hurtful things to another human .  Really , are they worth it ?  I’m going to make a point of going to heaven .  They don’t have to like it if they don’t want to  !