Three Dreams About Losing Salvation : The Great Falling Away

Three Dreams From the Lord About Losing Salvation and Falling Away .

Three Dreams From the Lord About Losing Salvation , Falling Away
I thought it was old men dream dreams …

These successive, unfolding dreams were given approximately during the first half of 2015 , following my own near – fatal experience in almost falling away .  Christian, be warned and be safe ! One cannot fall away from something that one never had !

The Great Falling Away is happening even as thousands of others are saved daily . Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision …

Dream 1

Most detail of this dream I did not retain . I only remember that I was viewing fish in water and had a great desire to catch them .

Dream 2

I was in a dark, creepy forest full of spooky looking trees with black, sooty – looking bark .  There seemed to be no greenery in the woods .  Through this forest flowed a straight stream of beautiful, sparkling – clear, pure water . It was not a torrent ; there was no white water .  The water flowed at a good walking pace and was full of big fish, 5 and 6 feet long , all swimming with the current.  I was walking down the stream bank in the direction of the current .  I had an intense desire to catch these fish ; the urge to catch them was so strong, I could hardly stand it .

Some are losing salvation
Fish like this, only much bigger …

Dream 3

I was following the same clear, sparkling pure stream as in Dream 2 .  The stream flowed out of the sooty black woods into an open sunny area where it formed a pond of perhaps a few acres .  The pond was ringed by living trees and green vegetation .  It was like a sanctuary area .  There was green water weed like duck weed ringing the pond and extending several feet into the open water .  Beyond the water plants was open water , and it was perfectly clear, pure and sparkling .  It was the most wonderful, beautiful water . The water was teeming with hundreds of large fish, again 5 to 6 feet long .  They were swimming around in leisurely fashion . Again , I had a strong desire to catch these fish . Next, I was down at the far end of the pond , which curved around a gentle bend .  There was a narrow outlet flowing out of the pond , only a few feet across .  The current was gentle, not fast . About every 3 to 5 seconds , another fish or two would swim out of the pond down this outlet , which extended only a short distance out of sight .  The fish were swimming of their own power .  Nothing was pushing them into this outlet .  There was no vortex or strong current sucking them out this way .  They moved of their own accord .  The dream ends here .

Interpretation of above dreams :

As weeks passed and I pondered these dreams,  The Lord would confirm with His Presence when I thought in the right direction .  Any fisherman knows that when you are pulling in a fish on a line , it is not caught until in the boat or pulled safely up on the shore or in a landing net .  The Lord has a great desire to catch Christians . That’s right .  Because though we are on the line, we are not reeled all the way in yet .  There is peril that can potentially sever the line between the Lord and the Christian , resulting in losing salvation and falling away .

Straining against losing salvation
On the line, not caught yet

The Great Falling Away

Some Christians, ignorantly or not , are severing the line of their own initiative . They may not understand in advance the consequence of their actions .  The Lord is not doing this .  But there is a slow , continuous holocaust happening in the Church .  It is increasing .  A persistent trickle of Christians are losing salvation every day, around the clock . Falling away . The fish in the dreams above are Christians .  The pure water is the flow of the Spirit of God .  The fish leaving the sanctuary pond are leaving Christ .  Destroying their own salvation of their own accord .  Transgressing Hebrews chapters 6 and 10 .  Not foreseeing the consequences .  The trickle threatening to become larger due to a very great spirit of offense as the world is crushed into the beast system .  Fortunes lost . Lives destroyed .  The pond holding several tens of thousands of fish at most, representing the true Church on earth of hundreds of millions . Thus , the trickle losing salvation every day are hundreds , and perhaps a few thousands . It would shock you to know how many .  The enemy is so very sneaky, and he plays dirty .

The peril at the end of the age for Christians includes the Hyper – Grace movement coupled with ignorance , the ” once saved, always saved ” mindset  and the spirit of offense .  Remember that Jesus said that many would be offended in Matt 24 :10.  And that He sent word to John the Baptist in Luke 7: 23, “And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me .” Not just those that are not His .  Anyone .  Too much wounding , too many goadings by the enemy , too many set – backs and exasperations , too much torment for too many years, and one ignorantly or not says something inadvisable to Jesus . Someone who has tasted the miracle gifts of heaven .  And one has performed a spiritual abortion on himself with his own tongue , losing salvation . Falling away . Life and death are in the power of the tongue .  Doing spite to the Spirit of Grace .  Counting The Blood as common …

The Church needs rear guard , rear – wall  Watchmen in this last hour .  Packs of roving enemy wolves are ripping vulnerable sheep out the back door of the Church every day .  Almost nobody will talk about it .  Most do not understand , or are deceived by the false doctrine of Once saved, Always Saved / Hyper -Grace.   Not just back – sliding  .  But the immolation of Saints undone , become lost again, irredeemable as the devil himself .  Falling away . The time is now to shine the light upon the enemy .  Whoever, having tasted the gifts of heaven, crosses the line with both feet is lost forever .  Whoever says the inadvisable with his mouth, and really meant it in his heart of hearts will burn .  The one who crossed the line with one foot only may be recoverable , to warn the sheep of the great pruning.  The great severance that Saints of God are doing to themselves .  That the enemy wolves try to goad them into … far worse than just back – sliding .  It’s happening . Some are losing salvation .

Thus , the strong desire to catch the fish in the three dreams above .  That they are in the pure flow of the clear water is to show that they are in Christ .  And Christ has a strong desire to catch them ALL the way !

On the hook for Jesus !
On the hook for Jesus !
Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men

Rom 5:10  ” We were reconciled to God by the death of His Son. ”  We were saved .

Eph 2:5  ” … by grace ye are saved .”  We are saved .

Rom 5:10  ” … we shall be saved by His Life .”  We shall be saved .

Until we stand before HIM , we are not caught all the way yet !