Clarity on Suicide from the Original Suicide

Suicide is increasing .  And from the demonic perspective , it is the ultimate act of vandalism upon humans .  There is little doubt that as the times get darker and evil increases on earth , that suicide increases as well .  Whether done quickly , or over a whole lifetime , suicide origins and ideations are demonic and one must not take ownership of this mindset or impulse .  How can we get clarity on suicide ?  By looking at the original suicide !  The day that Lucifer decapitated  himself !

Shut Down Suicide
Let’s Stop Suicide Together

You see , Lucifer seized HEADSHIP  over his own life and being , and in doing so , his actions said  ” I am God over myself ! ”  He willfully and from the heart cut off God as his proper Headship .  For , in the last analysis , willful , deliberate suicide is a LIE  !

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Delivering Devotional Dynamite : He Re-Capitates the Decapitated

We Were All Decapitated in Adam
Two Types of Decapitation

Did you ever consider that every human being you have seen has been decapitated ?  It’s true .  We were all cut off from our proper spiritual headship in Adam and Eve !  For there is more than one perspective on headship , capitation , and decapitation !  And then there is what Jesus does for saints :  to restore the proper headship of God to us !  You could even say that …

Jesus Recapitates the Decapitated !

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OSAS Train Wreck on a Popular Rapture Website

The OSAS Train Wreck
The OSAS Train Wreck

Recently, there have been a couple posts at a popular rapture website that show the degree of OSAS blindness and deafness to the circumspect, balanced view of the word . This is a doctrinal train wreck that imperils vulnerable saints .  My comments are highlighted in  brackets .  God, please shield and protect my vulnerable brothers and sisters from the evil one in Jesus’ name I pray …  for the devil certainly does not fight fair .

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